Video Productions in Maui, HI

Looking for a video to compliment your breathtaking photos? MSI Maui can help with that too! Our team has extensive experience in video and production to provide you video footage and edited video that will definitely capture the essence of your events and activities.

Our Abilities

MSI Maui is proud to have some of the finest videographers and editors in the industry. Whether you are looking for action footage from team building events, dramatic images of your awards ceremony or fun filled activities, our professional staff will capture these special moments for a show that will be enjoyed by all.

Corporate Videography

Videography is also essential in many capacities for a business. Whether it’s a walkthrough of your facilities or a well-filmed speech given by the president, we’re ready to take video footage of an unparalleled caliber. Just let us know the details of your event and we’ll make sure to roll footage that captures it all.



From walkthroughs of your facilities, to a corporate commercial, to taping for an important meeting or event, we provide the full gamut of corporate videography. Our goal is to help shine the best possible light on your company.


Video/Images Wrap Up Show

Our professionals will make your guests the stars of the show. Our friendly staff will get to know your guests as we document their wonderful adventures. This Wrap Up Show is edited to contemporary music that is customized to each event and activity and is guaranteed to create approval laughter and applause, leaving your guests delighted and entertained.

Digital images could be used to enhance your website, update promotional materials and could be uploaded to a Secured Web Gallery for your guests to download as a memento of their incredible time.


Quick Turn Reception Montage

We will photograph your evening reception and create a module that will play minutes later as the doors open for the main event. Let the function’s entertainment or house music provide the music background of the digital images or video footage.


Highlight Show

You’ve been planning all year to provide your guests with a wonderful itinerary. There is one event you organized to bond the group together and you want it to be the highlight of their trip. Whether the one featured event is on a beautiful snorkel cruise, a sunset luau, a beach activity party or a team building, let us make your guests remember the event by providing a show to be cherished. Our Highlight Show will become essential to all of your incentive travels.



Need filming for a short video that will be uploaded online for your personal or professional reasons? We can provide filming services that help you create professional-grade appeal, whether for a simple production or a quick promo.



There’s no better way to re-live walking down the aisle or saying your vows than through a perfectly-captured video of that special day. We offer videography services that evoke emotion and spark your heart even decades after you first said “I do.”

Thanks to our extensive range of experience, we can tackle just about any video production needs you may have. Contact us today at 808-298-3953 to discuss with us your needs and we’ll be happy to provide you with a customized proposal.